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Training is provided to members of the DSpace service through a dual mode.  This is the place of the site where members can access information about:
1. On-line training sessions
2. Previously held and forthcoming training workshops

On-line training
2m-Class Telescope Specification 

On-line lessons:
  a. The Sun 
  b. Planets and Moons 
  c. Asteroids 
  d. Birth and Death of Stars 
  e. Galaxies 

Interactive Courses
  a. phpSurveyor Tool
  b. Cool Modes Tool

Training material: The Solar System, Celestial Coordinates, Exposure Times  

Training Workshops
A number of training workshops have been already held. You can find information about those already held, below:

International Astronomical Summer School (Rozhen 2006, Bulgaria)
Institute of Astronomy with the National Astronomical Observatory - Rozhen, Bulgaria, and the Informational Center for European Educational Programmes -Bulgaria organized International Youth Astronomical Summer Schools. Students, interested in astronomy, had the opportunity to participate in observations of astronomical objects, listened to lectures and will made discussions in the National Astronomical Observatory- Rozhen. Together with astronomers from the Observatory the young people worked on interesting observational programmes, they have been taught in the Planetarium in Smolian town.

More information can be found here.

D-Space at Xplora Science Teachers Conference, CERN (Geneva, 15 - 18 June 2006)
D-Space Service Presentation, Teachers Training Workshop and SkyWatch 2006 Contest Awards Ceremony.
Xplora, within the Pencil Project, organised a science teachers conference at CERN, Geneva. The conference took place from 15 to 18 June 2006, focused on open source and ICT in science education, science teaching approaches, the role of science centres in education and more. The D-Space Service contributed with a D-Space service presentation, a teachers training workshop and the SkyWatch 2006 awards ceremony.

More information can be found here.

The Observatory Science Centre Astronomy Festival (September 2005)
In the campus, a tent was dedicated to D-Space, were visitors could find leaflets of the project and had the chance to experience the use of robotic telescopes via internet, with the implementation of already existing scenarios. D-Space was promoted heavily throughout the weekend and leaflets along with material (user guides) were distributed.

Training Workshop in the framework of the Second International Astronomical Summer School (July, 2005)
Dr. Elias Vagenas from Ellinogermaniki Agogi attended the 2nd International Astronomical Summer School in Rohzen, Bulgaria, where he presented the main idea of the D-Space project. Specifically, he gave a lecture titled “Specific astronomy topic related to the contest and the observations using Robotic Telescopes”. Additionally, a training workshop was realized with the participating students experiencing the use of robotic telescopes via internet, with the implementation of already existing scenarios. For more info visit: http://www.geocities.com/astroschool2005/

Training Workshop at the Observatory Science Center, UK (May – June 2005)
This course was held one evening per week over 3 weeks and aimed at teenagers through to adults. It was designed to help the visitors understand what a star is and how to recognize the constellations and the Milky Way.

A number of training workshops are planned to be held within the course of the next year. You will be informed about the exact dates and procedures through this site. Announcements will also be available at the News section of the DSpace service site.