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MENON European Innovation Network (Partner), Belgium

The MENON Network EEIG is a European organisation active in the field of ICT in Education and e-learning. MENON is developing e-learning market intelligence, through research data, observation and analysis. It aims at the support of policy makers, in order to better understand the ICT impact on education and training systems, at helping the education communities, in order to enhance the use of e-learning and, finally, at advising the ICT industry, in order to develop multimedia and web-based learning materials of better quality.
The MENON Network has been initiated with the support of the European Commission under the 4th Framework Program. The Network currently comprise four active member organizations, Scienter (Bologna, Italy), the Lambrakis Research Foundation (Athens, Greece), FIM-Neues Laernen (University of Erlangen, Germany), UNI-C (Copenhagen, Denmark), and is formally established as an European Economic Interest Group (EEIG), run from its Brussels office. The MENON Network aims at covering the whole European and even global learning systems and markets by associating with other expert bodies and stakeholders, in most of the EU countries as well as in the rest of the World. The founding members of the Network have a 10-to-20-year experience in a broad range of research, observation and analysis as well as evaluation and assessment actions in education and training, open and distance learning and ICT-facilitated learning.
At the European level the MENON Network is addressing the fragmentation of the e-learning market(s) - as seen from the suppliers' point of view -, while fighting resistance to innovation and change in education establishments and learning communities. The MENON Network is aiming at the provision of policy support to education authorities and the industry and at the facilitation of the cooperation between providers and educational communities.
MENON’s objectives are being achieved by the consolidation and dissemination of "good practice" of use of ICT, the evaluation and quality assessment of e-learning resources and services and the dissemination of the latest information on national and European education and related market developments.
More information can be found in: http://www.menon.org