The Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FO.R.T.H.) is one of the major national research centers in Greece.
FO.R.T.H. consists of the following 7 Institutes:
 1. Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (I.M.B.B)
 2. Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (I.E.S.L)
 3. Institute of Computer Science (I.C.S.)
 4. Institute of Applied & Computational Mathematics (I.A.C.M.)
 5. Institute of Mediterranean Studies (I.M.S.)
 6. Institute of Chemical Engineering & High Temperature Chemical Processes (I.C.E.-H.T.)
 7. Institute of Biomedical Research (IBR) and a Central Administration department
Skinakas Observatory is a research unit under the auspices of the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser.
In Skinakas Observatory (http://gpat.physics.uoc.gr) there is in operation since 1995 a 1.3 m telescope equipped with 4 scientific CCD cameras. Other instruments include a Focal Reducer,which nearly doubles the field of view, a Low Resolution Spectrograph and an Autoguider. An Echelle- high resolution spectrograph, a Near Infrared Camera and an Adaptive Optics system are under construction and will be soon operational. Telescope and instruments can be operated via the Internet, as demonstrated recently during remote observations from school classes in Heraklion and Athens. A 30 cm telescope used for the observation of extended objects is also in operation. Seeing conditions are excellent on Skinakas, among the best in Europe. About 70 scientific publications in international refereed journals have resulted from Skinakas observations to date.
FO.R.T.H. was founded initially under the name Research Center of Crete (RCC), in Heraklion, Crete, Greece in 1983, under the Presidential Decree (PD) 716/82 (FEK A’ 153) as modified with the PD 7/1985 (FEK A’ 6) and comprised of institutes 1-5 above.  
The administrative body of FO.R.T.H.  is the Board of Directors of its Institutes and of the Central Administration, headed by the President of FO.R.T.H.  who is the legal representative of FO.R.T.H..
More information can be found in: http://www.forth.gr