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TELEFONICA I + D, Recearch and Development (Partner), Spain
Along with almost 400 shops and its commercial partners, OTE Group of Companies provides modern telecommunication products and services and adapts itself to the constantly changing market conditions and technological evolutions. OTE can also provide a wide range of market channels through its subsidiaries. OTE Group operates in many markets offering a variety of services throughout many countries.
Telefonica R+D was formed in 1988 to contribute to the technological innovation of the parent company, by performing research and development activities. Over the last few years, the line of work of Telefonica R+D has evolved to conform to the objective of becoming a services creation lab. This objective is driven by the emergence of interactive multimedia services, which are increasingly becoming a mayor force in the telecommunications market. Telefonica R+D employs over 1100 people. 86.6% of them hold a University degree. Telefonica R+D is active in the following major areas:
•  Services creation, related to the broadband, intelligent network, data communications, narrowband ISDN, speech technology, and public use telecommunications.
• Network and services management, using solutions based on the latest TMN standards.
• Network innovation, with the purpose of supporting Telefonica in its effort to offer the widest possible range of services.
Telefonica R+D bases its work on the use of the most advanced and competitive concepts and media. This requires thorough knowledge of the suitable technical capabilities over a range of basic technologies. The company has in depth expertise in formal methods, object oriented design and programming systems, software engineering tools, real time systems, data bases and knowledge bases, A.I. tool kits, knowledge representation and reasoning, man machine interface, and software tools for network simulation.
More information can be found in:   http://www.tid.es