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Astrophysics Research Institute - Liverpool

Astrophysics Research Institute - Liverpool John Moores University (UK)

The International Schools' Observatory (ISO) is a web-based observatory that provides schools around the world with access to professional observations from a unique robotic telescope. Provided by Liverpool John Moores University, the ISO allows students or schoolchildren from different countries to work together on science projects, make new friends and experience the excitement of science observation and discovery in exactly the same way as professional astronomers. With its 2 metre diameter mirror, the Liverpool Telescope is the worlds' largest fully robotic telescope. Owned and operated by Liverpool John Moores University, and sited on the world-class observatory on La Palma in the Canary Islands, it is designed to explore the way in which objects in the universe change. It can regularly monitor stars and galaxies for many astronomers every night, and can also react automatically to sudden, explosive events such as supernovae or Gamma-Ray Bursts. Making full use of internet technology and advances in robotics, the telescope has also been made available to schools in the UK through the National Schools' Observatory.
More information about the ISO robotic telescope can be found here.

Telescope Dimensions
Height: 8.5 metres                  The LT mirror in its packing case
Weight: 24 tonnes                 
Mirror Diameter: 2 meters
Mirror Weight: 1.25 tonne 
Summary of Characteristics
Manufacture  Manufactured by Telescope Technologies Limited (TTL) on Merseyside in the UK.  
Access  For use by JMU, UK and Spanish astronomers and UK schools.  
Special features  World's largest robotic telescope. Efficient scheduling of observation. Low running costs.  
Operator  Liverpool John Moores University Astrophysics Research Institute.