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The DSpace project’s main objectives are: 
  • The demonstration and piloting of the DSpace service to the target users in real environments (e.g. schools, universities, science museums and parks, research centers) 
  • To perform an extended validation study of the DSpace service. The validation work is a) to adapt a tried and tested methodology to validate the DSpace service and b) to implement the validation procedure in situ in a pan-European setting. The contribution of the validation phase to the market validation of the DSpace service is to perform a final usability evaluation, in the context of the scenarios, as far as the final users as concerned. The extended validation of the service concentrating on user acceptance and interoperability, crucial for market deployment, will be a major input for the final business plan.
  • The development of a draft business plan, which will provide a technical and commercial overview of the value of the chain of the services. In this framework a clear and sound feasibility study of the business case will be achieved.
  • The development of the marketing strategy and of the associated short and medium term action plan for the full deployment of the services provided.
    The DSpace service addresses:
     • Educational Institutions, e.g. primary and secondary education schools, Universities
     • Research Institutes (giving unique opportunities to researchers and astronomers across the world)
     • Scientific museums, Science centres and Science Parks (offering unique experience to the visitors)
     • The wider public