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This is the main page where you can find all the necessary information in order to navigate smoothly in this site and make the most out of the DSpace service.
Actually the site is built in a way that the project and all relevant information in presented under the ABOUT tab whereas under the Telescope tabs the network of telescopes that currently participate in this project are also presented. Resource Center, Communication Area and Go Observing are the main features of the DSpace service.
Access to those areas is allowed in accordance with the type of membership one chooses throughout the subscription procedure.
In this particular part of this site (HELP) one may actually access guidelines -in an on-line manual form- as to how to go about:

1. Subscribing
2. Using the DSpace Resource Center

3. Using teh DSpace Go Observing service
4. Project's User Guide

5. D-space interactive multimedia quick help
For best viewing result you may want to view it in full screen mode (press F11), with your speakers turned on. You can use the buttons at the left bottom side to navigate through this presentation and the slide bar next to them as well. At the end press again F11 to return to normal view.