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There are two ways of observing the sky. Advanced and experienced users can remotely operate a telescope in real time. All the others can submit their requests, which will be scheduled forthe oncoming nights.
Select your way of observing
Submit your scheduled requests 
Submit your observational requests in four steps: Select a telescope, select an astronomical object, check the weather and fill in the details like date, filters, duration, etc, click here to continue.
Remotely operate a telescope in real time 
You can operate Skinakas telescope in real time by giving the coordinates of the object you wish to shoot, and the telescope immediately starts moving to fulfil your request. To become an authorized user, download and fill-in the application form. Send your CV and the application form to the Scientific Committee of D-Space. If you are selected, the Scientific Committee will contact you in order to give you the username and password for a specific date. If you are already authorized, .